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Airbag Repair

Advancements in Airbag technology and vehicle safety systems have literally saved thousands of lives in the last 20 years. Since the late 1990s, domestically produced cars in the United States, as well as foreign-made cars imported to America, have increasingly utilized standardized Airbag technology and car safety systems. Today, over 75% of cars and trucks currently on U.S. roads have at least a driver’s side airbag. And over 65% of vehicles on today’s American roadways are also equipped with passenger side airbags. According to the latest studies, airbags have reduced fatalities by 29% for drivers, and 30% for passengers 13 and older. Most folks would agree that even a 1% increase in driver or passenger safety would be worth keeping your car’s airbags and safety parameters in full, working order.

Regardless of your opinions on your car’s airbags, or what stories you’ve heard about injuries from airbag deployment, the simple fact is that in almost every scenario, your car is safer with a fully-functioning airbag than without one. So if you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident, or your airbag system has deployed or malfunctioned for any reason, it’s important to have your safety systems operating at full capacity, as soon as humanly possible. It’s also important to ensure all the other safety systems of your vehicle are in tip-top condition. But who can you trust to let you know if all your systems are working properly? Who can you trust for your airbag repair work, safety inspections, and safety system repair work? In Metro Atlanta, the answer is simple. Putnam Body Shop!

Since 1957, Putnam Body Shop has not only been one of Metro Atlanta’s resources for auto body work, collision repair, and light mechanical work. In fact, Putnam has been a leader in Airbag Repair, Vehicle Safety Inspections, and Auto Safety System Repair in the Metro Atlanta area for years. We take pride in keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected, every single time you take the family car for a spin. Come see the Putnam professionals today, and keep your family safe and protected from harm!