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Auto Glass Replacement

It happens every time! You get stuck behind a concrete truck, big rig, or dump truck on the interstate, and before you know it, BAM! A piece of gravel or a small rock flies off the flatbed, or out of the dump bucket, and TING! You’ve got a crack in your windshield. It may not even start as a big crack, it might even be smaller than a quarter. But left unattended, that little nick in your windshield can become a huge, lightning bolt style crack that reaches all the way across your windshield.

Not only are windshield cracks (that are bigger than the size of a quarter) unsightly and potentially dangerous, they’re illegal! Did you know that you can legitimately be pulled over by law enforcement if you have a windshield crack that’s too big? What more incentive do you need to get your cracked windshield or auto glass replaced? What if we told you that a cracked windshield might lead to a higher percentage of serious injuries in the case of an automobile accident? The point is, if you need auto glass replacement, or car window replacement, for any reason, you don’t have to keep putting it off! Call Putnam Auto Body Shop today, and let our experts take care of your problems before they come bigger, or illegal, or potentially harmful!

At Putnam Body Shop, we can also help you with annoying auto glass problems like window regulators (you know, the kind that like to go out on a wide variety of domestically produced vehicles). If your window regulators have blown, or malfunctioned, or your windows aren’t raising and lowering properly, don’t keep letting it slide! A window that keeps sliding down is not only annoying, but it could be very unsafe! Talk about an open invitation for thieves and robbers! And while a duct tape/trash bag quick-fix can be both stylish and temporarily economical, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t just let the pros have a look at your car window replacement needs. For whatever Auto Glass Replacement or Car Window Repair needs you have, Putnam Body Shop is here for you! Call us!