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Car Air Conditioning Service

The only thing that’s actually predictable about West Georgia and Metro Atlanta weather is the fact that it’s largely unpredictable. Some years, Metro Atlanta residents are battered with hot, dry, muggy summers that seem to last well into the Fall season. West Georgia may be the only place on Earth that can still maintain 95% humidity in the middle of a hot, summer drought. There are also years where spring, summer, and fall are constant battles between the hot sun and a makeshift monsoon season, which produces hot summer thunderstorms, violent lightning and winds, followed by a visible heat rising from the hot Georgia asphalt as soon as the storm subsides. Whatever the chosen method of seasonal weaponry that Mother Nature throws at Metro ATL residents, not having a properly functioning Air Conditioning Unit in your vehicle can be the ultimate, unbearable torture.

But there’s good news! If your AC isn’t firing on all cylinders, you don’t have to suffer any longer! You can get total Car AC Repair today with one visit to Putnam Body Shop! If you need Car Air Conditioning Service, Putnam knows exactly how to quickly and efficiently diagnose your AC system, give you the best estimate you could hope for from a professional Car Air Conditioning Service, and get your climate control system up and running at full capacity in no time! When a Metro Atlanta resident has access to affordable, professional car AC Repair from organizations like Putnam, there’s really no excuse to settle for 2/60 Air Conditioning (rolling down both windows and going 60 MPH). End the suffering today!

Call the pros at Putnam if your Car’s Climate Control is making your life miserable! We can help solve problems like:

  • Complete AC overhaul
  • A/C Inspection and Analysis
  • Coolant system malfunction
  • Weak Airflow
  • Hose, Valve, and Seal replacement
  • Ventilation Fan replacement
  • Evaporator Core Analysis
  • Warning Lights & Systems
  • Underperforming Air Conditioning
  • Exhaust-smell in ventilation
  • Failed Compressor or Compressor Clutch
  • Blower Motor, or Resistor
  • Expansion Tube/valve malfunction
  • Blown AC Fuses
  • Freon/Refrigerant Leaks
  • Cabin Filters & Evaporator Cases

So for a solution to these, or any other Car Air Conditioning Service you might need, don’t suffer another day! Call the pros from Putnam Body Shop! We’re here for you!