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Is your car shaking, or pulling to one side? Are you wondering why your front or back tires are wearing out very unevenly? Don’t be in suspense anymore! Your car’s suspension may need a professional alignment job! If your car alignment is off, or out of wack, there is nothing much that you can do to overcompensate in order to get better driving performance. The solution is simple! Come on by Putnam Body Shop for a high-quality, professional car alignment from the pros who care about you and your ride!

Choosing to be a “rough rider” is one thing. Being forced to be a rough rider because your car is out of alignment is another. If you’re tired of a rough ride, or uneven tire tread wear, a constantly pulling vehicle, or even steering wheel vibration, you might need a car alignment or vehicle alignment. Over time, your car or truck’s tire alignment, or wheel alignment, can become increasingly uneven. The shockwaves of increasing damage to your car from a delayed realignment can really wreak havoc on your favorite transportation vessel. Don’t put your car alignment off another day! Call Putnam!

If your car alignment is off, or in need of adjustment, you don’t have to lose hope! Putnam Body Shop has been keeping Metro Atlanta vehicles in tip-top shape since 1957! And we can do the same thing for your car, truck, van, jeep, or any other automobile you own. Our fully certified, trained technicians will check your vehicle for the most correct camber (the angle of your tires when viewed from the front of your vehicle). After this, they will check what we call the ‘toe’ (the inward or outward turn when viewed from above your tires. Additionally, our pros will ensure that your caster is in order. This will help ensure that your balance, steering, turn radius, and vehicle stability are all in order.