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Frame Repair

Does your car have frame damage from an accident, or a misplaced pothole? Did you miss the camouflage speed bump on a dark side street, and now you have frame damage on your favorite vehicle? Did you take the jeep or truck on an off-road excursion, and now you have a rusted or damaged frame? Did you recently come into possession of your grandfather’s old Cutlass, and you’ve discovered that your new classic ride has car frame damage from harmful rust?

If you have car frame damage, and you need it repaired, don’t trust an average body shop with your favorite ride. Call the professionals from Putnam Body Shop! Putnam has been doing high quality frame damage repair work in Metro Atlanta since 1957. We have the experience, skill, and state-of-the-art equipment to successfully restore your car frame to optimum working condition. We’ve performed Atlanta’s best car frame damage services for years, and we can do the same for your car, truck, jeep, van, or whatever other favorite vehicle you have that needs professional frame repair service.

“I’ve tinkered with cars all my life. It was something special I shared with my dad, something he had shared with his dad. When my dad died, he left me his ’71 Nova (bent frame, right front), and my Granddad’s old ’49 Chevrolet 3800 (rust). I wouldn’t have trusted any other body shop with that job than Putnam Body Shop."
~Bill Roberts, Satisfied Putnam Customer

When you trust the Putnam pros for your frame damage repair work, you’re getting much more than just a commitment to excellence. You’re getting years of experience and expertise from our fully-certified, technically-trained professionals, who use our cutting-edge technology to get your damaged car frame in better shape than you ever thought possible. Putnam has more satisfied customers from throughout our years of auto body work, collision repair, custom paint jobs, Custom Upgrades, and car frame damage repair jobs than any other Metro Atlanta body shop. When you choose Putnam, you choose the absolute best body shop anywhere around!