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Car Scratch Repair

Do-it-yourself adventures are fine for things like fixing your birdbath or getting that loose bathroom tile to stay in place, but when it comes to the complexities of fixing your car or truck’s exterior paint, even for spot repair, it might be better to leave those things to the pros. It especially makes sense to use professionals for your spot repair touch-up jobs, for both short-term and long-term results. No one wants the frustration of knowing their attempted DIY spot painting job has caused more problems than they had to start with! Smart consumers know that doing it yourself is more risky than what could have been a simple Spot Repair job by professionals, like the pros from Putnam Body Shop.

Are you looking for a full-service collision repair company you can trust? Metro Atlanta and West Georgia car owners know that one of their top resources for auto collision repair is Putnam Body Shop. Call or come by today to check out our services, to get a consultation or estimate, or to begin your collision repair work. We have everything you need under one roof for restoring your precious autos.

When you decide to use Putnam Body Shop and Collision Center for your auto paint spot repair job, you can rest assured that your Putnam professional will go well beyond where any other spot repair technician would go for you and your favorite automobile. We have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to ensure that we give you the best car scratch repair or spot repair service possible! For quality assurance, we follow these steps to ensure a successful spot repair for your car or truck:

  • Color Matching (from original codes and other color matching techniques)
  • Clean & Clean Application (we ensure your replacement spot is rust free, and ready for priming)
  • Smooth Spot Preparation (if needed, we will perform any necessary sanding or obstruction clearing)
  • Spot cleansing (this meticulous process ensures that any foreign objects are completely removed)
  • Detailed Priming Application (No-Nonsense, Precision Application of any necessary spot priming)
  • Expert spot paint application (the best processes, performed from our most skilled professionals)
  • Patience, Polishing, Finishing, Blending, and Quality Assurance Checkpoints (100% guaranteed)

So when you want the best spot repair or car scratch repair possible, smart Metro Atlanta car owners know that Putnam is who you need to call! Call, contact, or come on by for a spot repair, car scratch repair, or any of our outstanding auto body & collision repair services!