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Collision Body Shop

Since 1957, Putnam Body Shop has been one of Metro Atlanta’s top Collision Body Shop for Individuals and Corporations who need fast, effective, efficient, beautiful restoration of their prized vehicles. In the case of some organizations, like Rental Car Companies, Putnam has proven effective at meeting and exceeding all expectations for what a local body shop should be. But that’s probably because Putnam is not your average body shop. We are a professional organization of skilled, expertly trained technicians and coordinators who strive to make your Collision Body Shop needs our top priority.

Putnam Body Shop has been honored enough to be trusted by local rental car companies, as well as several national players, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, among other companies. Even though we have been trusted by those organizations, and treat their cars like royalty, that doesn’t differentiate from the manner in which we treat each and every vehicle and owner who comes through our doors. Our top priority is the client and vehicle that we are working on. There are no shortcuts at Putnam. We insist on the absolute highest quality for every service we render. We realize that it isn’t just our name on the line, but the reputation of your business is at stake as well. That’s why we work like we do.

When you choose Putnam as your Collision Body Shop of choice, you get our very best, every single time. We never shortchange our services for any client. We always give our full effort, expertise, and skill for every single job. Call Putnam today for special Rental Car Company agreements, and improve your bottom line by an even greater amount! Don’t wait another day! You know what Putnam can do for your individual body shop needs. Now see what we do for your Rental Car business!

Putnam wants to help you fulfill your auto body shop dreams today!