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Collision Center

For a small, medium, or large car dealership, maintaining an entire fleet of cars, trucks, vans, tractor trailers, or whatever other type of vehicle your dealership sells, can be a huge undertaking! Just keeping everything in tip-top shape, from frame repair to factory-grade paint jobs, could easily overtax a car dealership. For dealerships who take trade-in vehicles, or buy restoration vehicles, it’s equally important to have access to a professional, local collision center that can quickly and efficiently process any and all of the dealership’s collision center and auto body needs. For many Metro Atlanta car dealerships, Putnam Body Shop and Collision Center is exactly that kind of business!

There are some major advantages for a car dealership that is looking for a high-quality, reliable auto body shop to partner with for their more extensive auto body work. Outsourcing to a local body shop can keep overhead costs, or on-site equipment and personnel costs, considerably lower. The customers and clients that dealerships provide high-quality, beautiful cars for demand a certain level of excellence that many dealerships simply can’t afford to cultivate in-house. It also makes the public feel better about quality-assurance regarding the vehicle’s body work on your car lot, especially if you use a reputable body shop and collision center for all your auto body and collision work.

You can depend on Putnam to do your job right. You can depend on Putnam to do your job quickly and efficiently. You can depend on Putnam to handle your body work professionally, and with the utmost integrity. You can depend on Putnam to use factory-grade equipment and supplies. You can depend on your Putnam pros to be experienced, skilled, artists of factory-quality paint jobs, frame repair, or whatever else your dealership vehicles need to look like they belong on your lot!

So feel free to ask around, or check out Putnam Body Shop reviews. Then do yourself, and your business, a favor. Come by Putnam, and check out our handiwork. And while you’re there, ask about our Car Dealership preferred rate plans! Putnam is here for you!