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Refurbished Cars

Have you ever traded in a vehicle, and a few days later driven by the same used car lot, and seen your old car or truck on display? Have you ever had to do a double take because it looked newer, sharper, and in fact, looked better than it ever did when you owned it? Have you ever considered trying to buy your car back from the used car dealership because it looked so good?

So how does all that happen? Who is behind restoring a faded, worn out vehicle to premiere condition? In Metro Atlanta, that answer is probably pretty simple. The Used Car Lot very likely might be a client of Putnam Body Shop and Collision Center. Since 1957, Putnam has worked hard to perfect our body work services. And when you see proof like how good your traded-in car looks now, it’s easy to believe Putnam has succeeded. For refurbished cars and all body work on traded-in vehicles, used car lots and dealerships all over Metro Atlanta trust Putnam Body Shop. And you can too!

Since 1957, Putnam Auto Body Shop has been one of Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia’s top resources for businesses who need access to high-quality body shop work at reasonable corporate pricing. Our track record of success speaks for itself. Our willingness to work with individuals and businesses is unparalleled by any other Metro Atlanta body shop. When you need the best body work, and you need it quickly, efficiently, and affordably, call Putnam Body Shop and Collision Center!

Come see what Putnam Body Shop can do for the vehicles your Used Car Dealership!

  • Collision Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Spot Repair
  • Custom Upgrades
  • Paint
  • Frame Repair
  • Alignments
  • Airbag & Safety Systems
  • Glass Replacement
  • Air Conditioning
  • Suspension
  • Light Mechanical

Discover all the advantages of using Putnam Body Shop for all your body shop and collision repair needs. Turn Refurbished Cars into Classic Rides, and see what Putnam can do for your reputation, your fleets, and your bottom line! Call or come by today!